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Vancouver Career College
About Vancouver Career College

Vancouver Career College is dedicated to providing students with the highest standard of education and career training.  With small classes, industry-relevant programs and six convenient locations across BC, Vancouver Career College is one of the region’s leading career training schools with solid results in job placement for graduates.


Vancouver Career College:
600 - 570 Dunsmuir, Vancouver, V6B 1Y1

Programs Offered at Vancouver Career College:

Business / Management / Office Services


Education / Teaching


Health Sciences


Law and Legal Administration

Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

Vancouver Career College Advantages:

Vancouver Career College is a fully accredited, first-class training facility dedicated to the needs of individuals intent on starting a new career or enhancing their current skills.

Job Search Assistance
Although encouraged to explore practicum placement opportunities on their own, students will have the assistance of a full-time Practicum Placement Coordinator. This coordinator provides a practicum for each qualified student and closely monitors the needs of the current job market.

Our History
Vancouver Career College has knowledgeable staff available to assist students and explain the funding options open to them. Student loans and financial assistance are available from the Provincial and Federal governments as well as numerous financial institutions for those applicants who qualify.

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